Social Security-Intro to Social Security

This video provides an introduction to Social Security and its benefits. Learn how the Social Security system works, when to start taking benefits, the impact of delaying benefits, and strategies for optimizing your Social Security benefits. Get the information you need to make informed decisions about your financial future.

Social Security-When should I start taking it?

This video provides an overview of the different factors to consider when deciding when to start taking social security. It discusses the age ranges when you can begin taking benefits, the impact of delaying your benefit start date, how different investment and savings strategies can affect your benefit amount, and the potential risks and rewards associated with each decision.

Social Security – What happens if I wait till I’m older to start?

This video explores the risks and rewards of waiting until you are older to contribute to social security. It discusses the factors you to consider when making this decision, such as the impact on your total benefit amount and the maximum age you are allowed to start contributing. The video also provides an overview of the penalty and incentive structures related to delaying your contributions.

Investing Today: What you need to know!

Investing today is a complicated but essential part of securing a strong financial future. This presentation will introduce the basics of investing, from the different asset classes to the different investment strategies available and the importance of diversification.

Participants will also learn about the pros and cons of each option and the potential risks and rewards that come with each choice.

Investing Today

Investing Today is a presentation that covers the basics of investing, mutual funds, and guiding principles and strategies. The presentation begins by discussing Investment Basics, which covers the different types of investments available and their advantages and disadvantages, as well as the importance of diversifying investments and researching the market before investing.

Investing Today is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to start investing and make smart decisions.

Roadblocks to Retirement

Retirement is a major life decision, and many roadblocks make it difficult to achieve. Lack of financial planning and knowledge, economic uncertainty, and medical expenses are major factors in delaying retirement.

Retirement is achievable with proper education, planning, and budgeting. Here are some sample slides from our Webinar to help you dig deeper!